List of Top 13 Math Software to Solve Math Problem Efficiently (2024)

Solving math problems has often been stressful for students, engineers, and teachers. However, there are few math software that helps solve and explain complex mathematical equations accurately and efficiently.

There are dozens of Math problem solving programs available online with different specializations and problem-solving abilities. This article will provide you with a list of the top 13 math software that solves math queries efficiently.

Best Math Software for Teachers, Students, and Engineers

  • Microsoft Math Solver
  • GeoGebra
  • Mathway
  • Photomath
  • Khan Academy
  • QuickMath
  • Cymath
  • Scilab
  • GAP
  • Gretl
  • SageMath
  • GNUPlot
  • Maxima

We have compiled some of the best math problem solving websites and software for you.

Best Math Software for Students

Students prefer online math software that not only provides accurate answers but also includes step by step guide to the answer. Here are our top choices for math software online.

  • Microsoft Math Solver

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Microsoft Math Solver is simple yet powerful math problem solving application available for free on the Microsoft Store. It can be used by students of all levels, from elementary to college.

Microsoft Math Solver Features

  1. Complex Graphing Calculator 
  2. Step-by-step guide builder
  3. Practice question sets
  4. Multiple Languages including Hindi
  5. Powerful scanning and solving
  6. Sketch Calculator

Microsoft Mathematics Pricing: Microsoft Math Solver is a free software for mathematics.

Microsoft Math Solver Compatibility: Users can download and install it in Windows 8 and above. Besides, you can also use the math software online through Edge browser.

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  • GeoGebra

GeoGebra is an open-source software for math calculation, popular among teachers and students due to its interactive learning feature.

The platform supports various mathematical concepts such as geometry, algebra, and calculus and provides different module for each function. It could also be accessed directly via web for online math problem solving.

GeoGebra Features

  1. Create interactive geometric constructions
  2. Quick Graphing Calculator
  3. Interactive learning sessions
  4. CAS and 3D Calculator
  5. Collaborative Whiteboard
  6. Perform statistical analyses
  7. Data Visualization in dynamic graphs

GeoGebra Pricing: GeoGebra is an open-source math software available for free.

GeoGebra Compatibility: Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook, and Linux. GeoGebra mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

  • Mathway

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Mathway is an online math problem-solving software that offers step by step guide on how to solve a particular math problem. You cannot only find the answer to a specific problem but also determine the way of solving the question.

Mathway Features:

  1. Step-by-step guide builder
  2. Method Selection
  3. Precalculus problem solver
  4. Graphical representation
  5. Powerful statistical calculation

Mathway Pricing: It is a completely free online math problem solver for both students and teachers.

Mathway Compatibility: It is web-based software and can be used from any device through the web browser.

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  • Photomath

Photomath is one of the best math problem-solving software for parents, teachers, and students. It’s extremely simple user interface and easy navigation help users to quickly solve any math queries.

Besides students can also use the camera of their mobile device to click and scan a particular math problem. It provides step by step guide to solve it.

Photomath Features:

  1. Point and Click Camera Calculator
  2. Instant scan and Solve Math Problems
  3. Focused process explanations
  4. Personalized Visual Aids
  5. Shared core-alignment
  6. Deep solution extractor

Photomath Pricing: Photomath is a free math solver app available for iOS and Android devices. The premium Photomath Plus plan starts at Rs 387.20/ month with advanced features.

Photomath Compatibility: It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

Best Math Software for Teachers

Some math software is designed to help teachers by giving step-by-step solutions to high school or college mathematics problems. These are some of the best online math problem-solving websites that help teachers and professors.

  • Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an ed-tech platform that provides multiple tools to teachers including a large database for math problem solving. It is designed to help teachers with planning and delivering math lessons, as well as assessing student progress.

Khan Academy Features:

  1. Lesson builder
  2. Progress tracker
  3. Huge Resource Pool 
  4. Grade-wise problem bifurcation

Khan Academy App Pricing: Khan Academy is a nonprofit Ed-tech platform. Anyone can study or contribute to the platform for free.

Khan Academy App Compatibility: Khan Academy app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Users can also log in through web browsers.

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  • QuickMath

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QuickMath is another extremely powerful math software on this list specially designed for teachers and students. It allows users to quickly find answers to complicated math problems within a few steps. It also provides multiple formats making it easy for teachers to input algebraic and polynomial expressions.

Quickmath Features:

  1. Inbuilt Advanced Solvers
  2. Example based structuring
  3. Automated Correction
  4. Graphing, equation, and inequalities

QuickMath Pricing: QuickMath is a completely free online math problem solver.

QuickMmath Compatibility: QuickMath is available on both Apple Store and Play store for smartphones. Besides, it could also be used through the web.

  • Cymath

Cymath is another powerful math problem-solving software for teachers. It not only provides a step-by-step solution to any problem but also explains every step for logical understanding of a Math concept.

Cymath Features:

  1. Powerful Search feature
  2. Online Equation Solver
  3. Graphing Tools
  4. Wide Range of Mathematical Functions
  5. Reference material learning

Cymath Pricing: Cymath offers a free basic plan with limited features. The premium plan starts at around Rs 400/month with advanced features.

Cymath Compatibility: Cymath is an online math problem-solving website that can be accessed through a browser. It is also available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Open Source and Free Math Software

While academic mathematics is simple, engineering and research level maths are complex. Due to these reasons, engineers, scientists and researchers need open source and free math problem-solving software. Here are three top open source and free software for math problems.

  • Scilab

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Scilab is a free and open-source math problem-solving software for numerical computation. It provides an interactive environment to perform matrix operations, plot functions, and write algorithms.

Moreover, this free Math software also offers various toolboxes for specific purposes such as statistics, optimization, and signal processing.

Scilab Free Math Software Features:

  1. High-level language for technical computation
  2. Numerical analysis with a huge library of mathematical functions
  3. Interface with C/C++, Fortran, Java, Python, and more
  4. 2D & 3D graphical representations of data
  5. Textual and visual programming interface

Scilab Pricing: Scilab is opens source and free math software for engineers and researchers.

Compatibility: Scilab is compatible for Windows, macOS and Linux operating system.

  • GAP

GAP is an open-source system for computational discrete algebra with particular emphasis on computational group theory. GAP has powerful programming language including a library of thousands of functions implementing algebraic algorithms written in the GAP language.

GAP Features:

  1. The inbuilt data type for major algebraic objects
  2. Automated method selection
  3. Pascal-like structure control
  4. Automate garbage and memory management
  5. Profiling and debugging facilities

GAP Pricing: GAP is completely free and open-source math software. Anyone can download and modify the application for non-commercial use.

GAP Free Math Software Compatibility: GAP could be installed in Linux, UNIX, or macOS.

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  • Gretl

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Gretl is a free and open-source cross-platform math and statistical package for econometric analysis. Gretl supports numerous linear and nonlinear statistical models, including OLS, 2SLS, GARCH, and so on.

Gretl Free Math Software Features:

  1. MPI Parallelization 
  2. Cross-platform interoperability
  3. Machine Learning Support
  4. Powerful Integrated Scripting Language
  5. Latex File Output Model
  6. Mixed Time Series Frequency report

Gretl Pricing: Gretl is distributed under GNU General public license and can be modified for personal use only.

Gretl Compatibility: Gretl could be installed and modified in Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Math Software for Engineers and Researchers

As an engineer or researcher, you need math software that helps solve complex and unstructured mathematics problems. Here are some of the powerful math problem-solving software for engineers and researchers.

  • SageMath

List of Top 13 Math Software to Solve Math Problem Efficiently (7)

SageMath is a free math software that combines the power of many existing open-source packages into a common Python-based interface. SageMath could also be used online and provides parallel computing capabilities making it an excellent choice for professional mathematicians and engineers.

SageMath Features:

  1. Embedded graphics builder 
  2. A wide range of built-in mathematical functions and libraries
  3. Interfaces to more than 100 open-source packages
  4. Advanced math like cryptography, group theory, commutative algebra, combinatorics, etc
  5. Support for parallel computing with MPI
  6. Multivariate and Univariate Polynomial

SageMath Pricing: SageMath is an open source and free math software program and can be downloaded from the SageMath website.

SageMath Compatibility: SageMath runs on Windows, macOS, Linux and could also be used on cloud.

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  • GNUPlot

GNUPlot is a mathematical graphing utility that produces high-quality 2D and 3D plots for complex mathematical equations. It offers a wide range of features for producing high-quality plots, including support for various types of data. It allows engineers and scientists to visualize data and mathematical functions interactively.

GNUPlot Features:

  1. 2D & 3D plotting
  2. Interactive Data visualization
  3. Direct file output ‘
  4. Web display with mouse support
  5. Non-interactive support including web scripting

GNUPlot Pricing: GNUPlot is a copyrighted but free-to-use graphing and math solving program.

GNUPlot Compatibility: GNUPlot runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • Maxima

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Maxima is a computer algebra system that enables engineers and scientists to solve complex mathematical problems. It offers a wide range of features for solving mathematical equations like manipulation of numeric and symbolic expressions. Maxima also offers a powerful scripting language that allows users to automate their workflows.

Maxima Features:

  1. Symbolic integration 
  2. ODE solver 
  3. 3D plotting 
  4.  High precision numerical results

Maxima Pricing: Maxima is free open-source software released under the GNU General Public License.

Maxima Compatibility: Maxima runs on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Besides, its could also be installed on RPM and Debian based systems.

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In conclusion, there are many excellent math problem-solving software programs available for students, teachers, engineers, and researchers. Each program has its own unique features that make it well suited for specific types of mathematical problems.

Choose the program that best suits your needs and budget, and you’ll be on your way to solving even the most complex mathematical equations.

FAQs on Math Problem Solver Tool

  1. Which software is best for mathematics?

    Some popular choices among students, teachers and engineers for Math software include SageMath, GNUPlot, and Microsoft Math Solver.

  2. What is the best free Math software?

    Mathway, Microsoft Math Solver, and QuickMath are widely popular free math software among students and teachers.

  3. What is the best Math software for PC?

    Some popular choices for Math problem solvers for PC include Microsoft Math Solver, PhotoMath, and MathWay.

  4. What is the best Math software for Mac?

    Most of the open-source Math software are available for MacOS. GNUPlot, Maxima, and Gretl are some of the best math software for Mac.

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List of Top 13 Math Software to Solve Math Problem Efficiently (2024)
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